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    Triphenylamine series
    Diphenylamine series
    Boric acid
    carbazole series
    Alkyl benzene series
    Alkyl Anthraquinone series
    Gold Nano Particles&silver Nano Particles
    PEG series
    Other Intermediates

            Located in Lugu International Industrial Parks, Changsha of Hunan, Hunan Maton Chemical industry Co.,Ltd is specializing in producing&supplying fine chemicals such as OPC&OLED intermediates, Boric acid & carbazole series, Alkyl benzene & Alkyl Anthraquinone series, PEG series, Gold Nano Particles&Silver Nano Particles and so on. Our products are supplied from gram to MT, with GC, HPLC and NMR tested. Credibility, high-quality products and excellent service have got highly recognized by domestic and oversea customers.

    Our product series are as below:

    1. triphenylamine and its derivatives(R=-H、-CH3、-OCH3、-Br、-I、-CHO、-OH、-COOH)

    2. diphenylamine derivatives (R=-CH3、-Br、-I、-OCH3)

    3. HIM, HTM and SM-OLED containing dihenylamine, triphenylamine, carbazole or Boric acid structure

    4. Alkyl benzene & Alkyl Anthraquinone series

    5. PEG series &Gold Nano Particles&silver Nano Particles

    6. Other intermediates

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    Hunan Maton Chemical industry Co.,Ltd

    Address: Lugu International Industrial Parks, Hi-tech District,Changsha City, Hunan Province,China

    Contact: +86-13308459237


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